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Opportunities in Food Ingredient Business

Edition Dec 2018-Jan-Feb 2019

Overview Food ingredient business is catching more and more importance as far as volume, value addition and applications or end use is concerned. Considering country’s geographical strengths and botanical diversity, India will be the ingredient market in the future. If we consider the opportunities in this food ingredient sector, India is gifted country by nature. Using technology, investment, entrepreneurship, government policies, we can develop this new segment for giving attractive returns to Indian Farmer Community.

Government Incentives and Schemes for Agribusiness

Edition Sept-Oct-Nov 2018

Overview A consolidated guide on various government organizations, mandate and assistance

Tea Coffee & Beverages Industry

Edition June-July-Aug 2018

Overview A special issue on Non Alcoholic and non carbonated beverages. Specially focusing on Tea and Coffee.

Opportunities in Agro-Produce Preservation

Edition Mar-Apr-May 2018

Overview A focused issue on investment opportunities in Agro Processing

PHT-FP Process Automation and Techonology

Edition June-July-August 2017

Overview This issue covers need and importance of Process Automation, Technologies, Development Institutes, Technology Transfer, Challenges etc.

Agribusiness Marketing-Tools and Techniques

Edition 12th Annual Issue

Overview The issue is dedicated to concept of agribusiness marketing, tools and techniques, organizations assisting marketing and success stories for inspiration

Milk and Milk Processing Industry

Edition Mar-Apr-May- 2017

Overview This issue is dedicated to Milk and Milk Processing covering Technology, Market, Packaging, Success Stories, Machinery Suppliers for value added products and much more..

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

Edition Dec-2016- Jan-Feb-2017

Overview Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals are emerging sectors of India. This issue gives focus to this sector with Scope, Opportunities, Challenges, Product Innovations, Market, Scope and Statutory Regulations.

Agribusiness Marketing-Scope, Challenges and Facts

Edition Sept-Oct-Nov-2016

Overview Agribusiness Marketing issue is focusing on Importance of Agribusiness Sector’s Potential, Government Incentives, Stake Holders and Future

Bakery, Cookies and Confectioneries

Edition Jun-Jul-Aug-2016

Overview This is dedicated to SMEs in Bakery sector and covers wide spectrum covering Ingredients, Technology, Products, Nutrition, Skills, Manpower, Packaging and Future

Opportunities in Post Harvest Technology

Edition Mar-Apr-May- 2016

Overview This is the fastest selling issue dedicated to the sunrise sector. Synchronizing Farmers, Government, Technology Innovators, Universities and Financial Institutes on a common platform. A Must read Issue….