Project Guideline

NOTE: Besides above mentioned topics, we can design the project guidelines from Post-Harvest and Food Processing Sector as per your requirements

Capacity and the Cost of Project are based on assumptions:

  • Techno-commercial viability
  • FSMS Compliance
  • Cost of Project excludes land and building cost

Contents of Project Guidelines

  • Introduction of the industry
  • Product to be manufactured
  • Techno commercial viable capacity
  • Process flow
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Total fixed asset value
  • Working capital requirements
  • Cost of projects
  • Financial pattern
  • First year profitability statement
  • Government incentives
  • Machinery suppliers
  • Related data bank

Fruits and Vegetables Dehydration

Capacity- 1000 kg input per day of root and fruit vegetables

Project Cost- 59.84

Description- Multi commodity dehydration unit giving powder, flakes & granules as output

Yogurt Industry

Capacity- 1000 liters per batch

Project Cost- 179.06

Description- Yogurt is one of the Value Added Milk Product growing at the rate of 20-30% in India.

Fruit Pulp Industry

Capacity- 1 MT/hr separate lines for canning and aseptic packaging

Project Cost- 625.8

Description- Aseptically packed fruit pulps and canned fruit pulps

Spices Processing Unit

Capacity- 1000 kg/shift of blended spices and 2000 kg/shift for whole and powdered spices

Project Cost- 209.69

Description- Whole spices: cleaning, grading and powdering and Blended spices: semi wholesale and retail packets